Mini-Delights is the vision of Juliana Sugano and Kim Bascon. With the desire to express fruit with all-natural confections Mini-Delights was born over the holiday season.

A mini-delight is a bite-size treat that is made with all-natural ingredients. They're meant to be nibbled on and shared with friends. Not just your average desert, Mini-Delights are meant to be savored and to satisfy the sweet tooth without all the artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Almost guilt free satisfaction! A smaller portion and hand selected ingredients that are chosen thoughtfully.

Juliana, also known as Juju, and Kim, also known as Kimmy, are very health conscious. While caring for their families over the last few years and battling family health issues they having increasingly been led to better health and cooking decisions. Always faced with the same dilemma of what to do for dessert they began to come up with ideas to satisfy and delight with a healthier alternative.

These cute little delights became the talk of friends and family and everybody wanted them. Now Juju and Kimmy are sharing their Mini-Delights! So make sure you share!

Mini-Delights offers regular and organic treats. Both kinds have two varieties and are handmade utilizing all-natural ingredients and avoid preservatives and artificial emulsifiers. Both the regular and organic treats also have a fun option. The fun option is where yummy edibles are added to the treat transforming it into an out of this world experience. Being natural and handmade products, there will be variance and individuality with a crisp clean taste. We call this character!

Every mini-delight is as unique as a snowflake.


copyright Mini Delights 2011